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Grand Forks, ND Team

Jason Carey

Jason is one of our Managers and furniture buyers and has been in the furniture business for over 20 years. He began his employment with the Home of Economy/Amish Gallery in November 2012. Jason absolutely loves working in the Amish Gallery at Home of Economy. The quality, craftsmanship, and customization makes this line of furniture a cherished heirloom piece for families, and makes his job designing these items with you a very enjoyable experience. Contact Jason at jcarey(at)amish.gallery

Glenn Fetsch

Glenn is the Assistant Manager and furniture buyer at the Amish Gallery; he has been with Home of Economy/Amish Gallery since 1978 and selling furniture since 1981. He enjoys working with the Amish builders to provide quality hardwood furniture, and the unique design. Contact Glenn at gfetsch(at)amish.gallery

"I really like some of the exclusive items we have designed together with our Amish builders to meet specific needs."

Arlene Feist

Arlene is one of the Sales consultants and is also involved with staging the upholstered areas. She has over 35 years of furniture experience. She has been with Home of Economy/Amish Gallery since the beginning. Arlene likes helping all customers complete the different rooms in their homes, she likes helping to create a cohesive look. Arlene has helped, on some occasions, by submitting custom sketches that fall in line with series that the Amish build. Contact Arlene at afeist(at)amish.gallery

"The Amish have been wonderful to work with and our customers are delighted to receive something customized for them with such great quality craftsmanship."

Jamie Olson

Jamie is one of the Sales Consultants at the Amish Gallery. He has been in the furniture industry since 2016 and began with the Amish Gallery at Home of Economy in 2023. Jamie believes your furniture should reflect your personality and will help find the right furniture to suit your needs perfectly. Whether it is a sofa, recliner, table and chairs, or a bedroom set, Jamie can assist with all of your fine furniture needs. Contact Jamie at jolson(at)amish.gallery

Molly McClary

Molly McClary is one of the Sales Consultants for the Amish Gallery. Her favorite part about selling amazing quality Amish furniture is the amount of customizations they have to offer. Molly enjoys being able to help you design the perfect piece or pieces that will complete any room in your home. Contact Molly at mmcclary @amish.gallery

Mario Brooks

Mario joined the Home of Economy/Amish Gallery team in 2021. He has 10 years of retail experience and enjoys helping customers get the furniture that fits their sense of style. Contact Mario by emailing him at mbrooks(at)amish.gallery